PM Videocast #20 Rachel Gilbert – The Life Enricher
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May. 2022


Mariette Richardson BA Hons Performance Coach IoD Ambassador Digital and Creative Industries. Mariette is a professional performance coach, concentrating on improving appearing on camera as well as in front of a live audience to deliver top-class presentations and win new business. Mariette’s coaching has groomed people in many different types of professional roles such as TV, Corporate, Sole Traders and Performers. These include senior engineers at Ford Motor Company and senior executives at various blue-chip listed companies including Heathrow Airports Holdings.

Michel Lubac, Executive Chairman & Co-founder, PHILEMONDAY AGENCY Senior Consultant for innovative projects, communicationadvertising and digital marketing for more than twenty years. Specialisations in video production, traffic management, IT security architecture, GDPR compliance, encryption and blockchain. Michel have a pedagogical sense for transmission of knowledge and experiences. Michel is able to manage a team, he has a developed sense of decision making and creativity, rigor and team spirit.
French PhD of Politicial Sciences.